Teacher’s (tutors’) benefits:

1. Everybody is good at something. You can teach academic lessons, life skill lessons, anything you are good at. So everybody can be a teacher, teach and earn a decent life.

No matter how small or how large, and the only way this will happen is by working in unison with each other every single step of the way, through to the end.

2. Help you find your students all over the world. Automatically send you students who are looking for teachers like you. (pay fees to the website to get promoted in the front page)

3. Ensure your teaching payment

Student’s (learners’)benefits:

1. Help you find the best teacher(s) in the world.

2. Guard your tuition fee.

Teachers are responsible to design their course(s) to deliver the best possible learning results to their students, through online or offline learning, arranged with students or students’ parents if students are under 18.

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